i never take white feelings seriously

You realize that makes you just as racist as any white racist.

macklemore didn’t put out albums for this

oh god

listen ~rosecrance~ (did you mean “rosencrantz”?) you irrupting, snuffling, snivelling, blithering, blathering, whiny, prating, snotty little arse-princess—

by DEMANDING my lady to do as you want when you tell her, and trying to shame her when she does not?

by denying her right to be frustrated by the shit your ilk have pulled on her, and throwing a fit when she refuses to abandon her own heart in order to pat your hollow damn head?

you are being

racist <3

hope that fucking helps.

bisho is not your mammy or your babbysitter and is not obliged to coddle your tender fee-fees because you came out of nowhere with your underpants in a granny knot over something she said in frustration. you flaw. how dare you demand that someone not have feelings? how dare you swagger in here and demand a stranger do as you say when you say it? how dare you pitch a damn tantrum and embarrass yourself in front of your betters, you brat?

her observations about how shitty white people often are (you’re ably demonstrating this shittiness, too for all and sundry, by waving your ass about this way) are not ~racism, waaaah. they are observations.

white people are often ignorant, self-absorbed, oblivious, navel-gazing, selfish fucking assholes.

as you are proving, let me remind you. 

you are embarrassing yourself so much, child, you don’t even know.

you think you’re making my partner look bad by throwing the word ‘racism’ around incorrectly like it was going out of style? PLEASE!

brats like you who think being called racist is worse than being racist (which, again: you are racist and my partner is not <3) are a blight on the face of the planet. you are an albatross around the neck of progress. you are an impediment to the exaltation of humankind.

why? because you won’t do any damn work to nip the problem in the bud and instead waste my partner’s time being a pathetic crybabby in her inbox and trying to act like you have authority over her. as though you matter a damn.

you won’t actually do any work, ever. it’s too hard for brats like you. you just want to be coddled and told you are one of the good ones, that not all white people are bad, that you are a shining paragon of goodness and oh everyone is so sorry they were meeeaaannn.

just shut up. shut up, begone, piss off, vamoose, fuck along, et cetera, and leave my partner alone unless you really want me to shadowflame your pathetic ass into next week and devour your carcass with salsa verde!


and don’t come back or there will be many whelps and you will most fucking certainly not be able to handle it, n00b.

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